React vs Angular2: You should know the difference

React vs angular2

React vs Angular2: You should know the difference

React vs Angular2: In my previous article, we had a discussion on react vs angular right? Now we will discuss React vs Angular2. It is very important to know that, the right choice of technology always matter.  Having the experience to work with a variety of technologists, I am very much excited to help you on how to decide between angular2 and react.Js frameworks. Angularjs is an open source JavaScript framework providing everything needed to create a client-side or website.

Angular is a Google creation that was designed with simplicity in mind

React vs angular2

It is worth noting that its second version, unlike the first one, has got rid of all unnecessary complexity. The team of angular 2 developers has added native apps support, server-side rendering, and much more. We also cannot omit the fact that angular 2 performance increase dramatically.

First of all, angular is a Google creation that was designed with simplicity in mind. It means that angular will not injure coders’ psyche while learning. Besides, many coders’ point out that if your angular code looks complicated  – you are doing something wrong. The popular websites built on angular we can refer: GoodFilms, Freelancer, Upwork, etc. ReactJS is a JavaScript-based open source library with the JSX compiler. This library is mainly focused on the user interface allowing to create reusable UI view components. From the technological point of view, react-based solutions are feeling friendly. Their performance effects ability is high, so popular websites built on react.js we can refer, to Netflix, Sidley, Walmart etc.

Technologies Comparison – React vs Angular2

Now, let’s dive deeper into details that are quite important during technology selection. One should be acknowledged with the kind of license that framework is disturbed under. Several licenses are much flexible to work with and one can use them to create commercial apps without any problem. However, there is a variety of license that doesn’t give you such a freedom of action.

Angular and react are both open source with no restrictions towards the usage, angular uses MIT license against three closed BSD used in react. However, the only visible difference of BSD is a ban on usage of a right holders name for advertising purposes.

Model, View, and Controller

react vs angular2

The model-view-controller pattern allows splitting the project data into three components: Model, View, and controller. This way, the magnification of each component can be conducted independently leading to tighter code and increasing the quality of the final product. Among all the angular features, the availability of MVC patterns out of the box is a significant advantage to reactJs.

Talking about angular, worth to mention its ease of display templates writing. Having really straightforward UI for your data, angular allows you to get the end result with a more intuitive approach to the user interface that demands less code and seems to be more obvious.

Document Object Model(DOM)

In that case with reactJs, it needs some special functions in order to manage data display. Mostly it means that you should define the way your data is represented before it will be coded into the DOM. That might cause a disconnect during its attempts to determine how a particular element will be rendered. Angular uses two-way data-binding, with its help, the framework is able to connect DOM model data via the controller.

In a nutshell, when a user interacts with inputs and provides new value to your app not only view can be updated but also the model too. Therefore, you do not need to write any method for tracking these changes within the application.

However, this approach affects performance since a watcher for each binding is created. React uses one-way data-binding, where the flow data is directed only in one way. Due to this, you will only be aware of a place where your data changes. This approach is much easier to debug when it comes to large application.

Angular creates a watcher for every binding in order to track all the changes in the DOM. As soon as the view gets some updates, Angular start comparing obtain values with the initial ones. So that, Angular 2 performance may cause some problem when it comes to massive apps.

ReactJS experts have introduced the virtual DOM idea that allows creating light DOM tree saving it on the server. Every time a user interacts with the website, for example, filling the form, react creates a new virtual DOM for comparing it with a previous one. After the library has found all the differences, between these two models – the virtual DOM model will be revealed. This way reacts performance increases when it comes to big amounts of data since there are no watchers.

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